Photography has been a profession for some people where as passion for others. No matter what kind of photographer you are, you should have those skills in you to capture some epic pictures which no other person can. Normal photography is somehow easy as compared to others but it is too a difficult task. However black and white photography needs some special talent so that you can get a perfect picture that is as beautiful as color pictures.


There are certain ways in which you can master the art of photography especially black and white photography. You just have to keep certain things in mind and a good quality camera to capture some amazing pictures.

Below are Certain Tips to Capture a Perfect Black and White Portrait

  1. Start with black and white in your mind. Whenever you go for a black and white photography, always prepare yourself mentally to capture a nice black and white picture. This will help you visualize things in your mind that can be suitable for a black and white picture.
  2. For a black and white portrait you need to know the best part of a face that will enhance the look of the image. For example focus on the eyes as they draw more attention. Whenever a person sees your captured portrait his first focus will be on the eyes, hence focus more on the eyes.
  3. Emphasis on expressions as they become prominent in black and white portrait. For example try capturing raised eyebrows, twitch near the corner of mouth or smile lines under the eyes. They can add great effects to your photography.
  4. Choose proper lighting as per your requirement of photography. If you want a high contrast image then go for a harder source of light and if you want smooth and soft toned image then go for a softer source of light.
  5. Do some nice editing and use the correct terminology while editing. Black and white may be of many types such as retro, monochrome, grayscale, etc. hence it’s up to you to choose the correct filter.

You can try the above techniques for an amazing picture but you can also try something of your own to get even better and something different. Photography doesn’t have any such hard and fast rule but you should have your own rules to get your best click.


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