Photographing sports can be a little tricky, given the continuous movement and motion as well as the effect of light. But shooting indoor sports can be even more challenging due to lack of natural light.  Sports like tennis, basketball and table tennis and others can be difficult to capture, especially without the correct cameras and technique. If you are interested in indoor sports photography, then the following given tips and suggestions would prove useful.

tips to master indoor sports photography

1. Make Sure you have the Right Gear

It is very essential to have a good quality DSLR with a large aperture and a large zoom lens if you wish to get good indoor sports photographs. Also, make sure your camera work well in low light conditions since many games may be played at night in the presence of artificial lights. Carry a tripod stand, extra batteries and also a flash if you are allowed to use it.

2. Try to Get the Closest Seats to the Action as Possible

You cannot expect to get the best shots of the sports activity if you are sitting somewhere in the back row. This is why it is very important to get the front seats or seats from where the players are the closest.  This is a great way to get the individual shots of all the players

3. Focus

You must constantly watch the game rather than just concentrating on getting pictures. This is how you will be able to capture the best moments. You must also know the sport well for this.  Be aware of your surroundings and make sure your camera is also focused properly on the players you wish to capture.

4. Multiple Shots

Most DSLRs have the option to click multiple shots. Make sure you use this feature during indoor photography to be able to capture those detailed moments in the game with ease.

5. Go for Slow Shots

If you wish to click some interesting indoor sports shots, then you can decrease the shutter speed and get some slow shots. But for this, you will need to use your tripod stand so as to avoid blur. For example if you are at a basketball game, you can click a 1 or 2 second shot just when the player is about to put the ball into the basket. This can create a good effect and may just add to your list of the better clicks.

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