Though there are so many light tents available both online and offline, why purchase when you make your own light tent at home? Light tents are not very cheap and can lead to increase in your photography budget but they are essential for clicking amazing photographs.

Here we have shared some tips to make your own light tent at home.

Before getting started, make sure you have all the important materials that are needed to make one.

Tips to Make Low Cost Light Tent

  • Box: The very first thing that you need is a box. You can use any box according to your liking and it can be of any size. Just make sure that you can light it up. Boxes are available for free almost everywhere and for this purpose, you can even reuse a box laying somewhere in your home. As we are making a light tend, the square box is preferred more.
  • Fabric: The fabric which you will use to make your light tent can also be of any kind. You can use white muslin, nylon or even white fleece. Just keep in mind that the fabric is large enough to cover the box. You can purchase fabric from your local craft store or you can reuse an old white shirt as well.
  • Tape: While making the light tent, you need a strong tape so that the box stays intact. For this purpose, you can use regular masking tape.
  • Glue: Apart from the tape, you also need glue. Now for this purpose, you can use a glue stick or a spray adhesive, whichever you like.
  • White Bristol board: You need a white Bristol board is necessary as this will serve as the background of your light tend. Bristol is a heavyweight paper which is used for crafts and drawing. Purchasing more than one sheet of this paper for making your light tent will be a wise task.
  • Lights: Of course, you need these when you are making a light tent. Now you can purchase a light or can reuse an old light lying around in your home.
  • Miscellaneous tools: Leaving all the above-mentioned items, you will also need some other tools which include scissor, knife and a ruler.

Steps to follow:

After you have gathered all the materials and supplies that are needed for making your light tent, use a picture of a light tent and start making yours.

  • First you need to cut the box following the shape, stick it properly and then drape the cloth over it.
  • For getting exact measurement, you can always use the ruler. For extra support and strength use more glue and tape.
  • After making the light tent perfectly, place your camera in the perfect position and start clicking amazing images.

So, now that you know how to create your very own light tent at home using all inexpensive and things that are mostly available at your home, create your own light tent and stop spending your money unnecessarily on store-bought light tent.

Even if the light tent is not purchased, the result will be exactly same.

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