Although you might think that it is boring, there are a lot of people asking how to take still life photography. If you come to think of it is a really lucrative domain because all the catalogues, magazines and websites need photos of different products.

How to Take Still Life Photography

Get the still life photography started

Contrary to the common belief you don’t need a fancy studio for still life photos. You can use a space at home with a simple backdrop and some lamps. In this case there are only few variables and you have total control over them. However you need a lot of creativity to capture a simple subject in an interesting manner.

Choose the subject

At the beginning your photos of still life could have a simple subject, an item that you find around the house. Feel free to think outside the box. It is best to avoid reflective surfaces like glass or metal because they are difficult to handle when it comes to light. Once you become good with single objects, think about compositions.


If you are asking how to take still life photography you should know that you don’t need expensive studio lights. You could work in a room where you can keep out all natural light, so you will have total control over the light you use. You can work with standard lamps and you will have very good results.

Angles and tripods

You may or you may not use a shutter release and a tripod when it comes to still life pictures. The shutter release allows you to use faster shutter speeds. When shooting, you should vary the heights and angles. You don’t want all the photos to look the same, so you should mix things up a little.


In case you are asking how to take still life photography you should know that the backdrop can do wonders for the images. It is best for the backdrop to be simple so that it won’t affect the subject. A large sheet of white or colored paper usually does the trick.


In case of the still life photos the composition is everything. This way you can make sure that your composition will be unique. For a strong composition you must consider the rule of thirds. Make sure that there are no distractions.

Now you know the basic answer to the question how to take still life photography.

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