While the majority of people think only about candy when it comes to Halloween, those who are into photography will also appreciate all the photo opportunities that it has to offer. This is the perfect time to try out some crazy effects of your camera and you can add effects during post-processing as well.

Dramatic Aspects

In order to make the best of all situations, when setting up a photo you have to make sure to focus on the dramatic aspects, such as sharp lines and shapes, deep contrasts, and harsh shadows. Most probably there will be a lot of shadows in the picture, and this is why you will have to focus on both the negative and positive space.


Since children tend to have a lot of sweets, it is no wonder if they turn into the Tasmanian Devil or Speedy Gonzales. To make sure that you will be able to capture them, try using a fast shutter speed. When using a DSLR you should choose the shutter priority mode. On a smartphone you will need the sport scene mode.

Low Light

Most of the Halloween activities take pace after nightfall so you will need some skills of shooting in the dark. It is best if you avoid using the flash. In case you have a DSLR camera, go for the aperture priority mode and choose the highest value. If you have several lenses, use the one with the lowest f/ value.

Point-and-Shoot Cameras

The good thing about these cameras is that usually hey come with several settings, such as after dark, dusk-dawn, and party. You can use these in low light settings. To achieve high quality photos, you should choose the higher ISO value possible. This is something that you should experiment with a little.


There are a lot of different effects for you to achieve using a DSLR camera. One of them is using multiple exposures. In this case there will be two layers created, thus achieving a spooky effect. For this you will need a tripod and use the shutter priority mode. Also make sure that you choose a long exposure.

Light Painting

Using the same settings you can get the light painting effect as well. Choose long shutter speed, take a pen light and draw something in the air. The shape you draw in the air will be visible on the photo but you won’t be.

photo credit: (Tony Lafferty)


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