Just drive

Photographers should know that there is no shortage of new locations to shoot and photograph. With time, the search and need for new locations, especially for those who shoot landscapes becomes a tough task because not everyone can travel everywhere looking for the perfect scenery. In spite of that there are a few things that can help you find new locations and shooting opportunities within driving distances. Traditional methods Photo club Photo clubs as a meeting place for equally passionate people, are the easiest way to discover new spots for taking photos. Photo walks organized by the club, are a sure way to discover places you might have missed on your own. Interaction with people with the same focus, can create different perspective that may not have been considered earlier. Others may know of locations that might come as a surprise for you. Shoot at night Locations that may have been used several times can look completely different when shot at night. By just changing the time of the day, it is possible to discover a new location for the next amazing shot. The night light and environment offers a different perspective and the subjects of the shoot look and behave differently. It challenges the imagination and creates new memories. Local guide & postcards When traveling, make it a point to ask people living in the area to help you discover photographic locations. Photography shops and outdoor equipment stores are good places to ask for information. Just drive Get into the car or on to the bicycle and explore the area. Take unknown turns and drive through roads never taken to discover new locations. While returning take the same route to discover something that was missed earlier or take a new route back home ( with the aid of GPS) to discover new places. Guidebooks Guidebooks of the local state provide immense information of places that may otherwise be unknown. They have detailed information about the various places worth a visit, thus providing a list of possible new places to shoot. Guidebooks also list the best time to visit, parking places and other essential information that makes the visit comfortable. Technology/modern methods There are a range of apps available that prove to be a treasure trove of photographic scenery. Google earth, Google maps and Google’s street views are a photographer’s good friend helping them find innumerable destinations in and around their place of residence. “Stuck on Earth” is an app that has some amazing information that may not be available otherwise. Flickr’s cache of photographic knowledge and the Bing maps are other apps that can help the search for new locations.
Shoot at night