Photography isn’t only about having your camera and taking a shot. Besides a good and reliable camera there are some other gadgets as well that could make your life easier. Keep in mind that there are lists of the gadgets that might be of interest for you. These may give you an idea about what you should ask for your next birthday.

Gadgets All Photographers would Love to have at Hand


Although some photographers never leave their city, the true professionals follow the calling of wilderness and they go on trips even in places where they have never been before. If this is the case, you might be thinking about getting a GPS device for your car or get an application for your phone.


Some people might think that having a compass is old-school, but if you have the sense of adventure, the compass can become your best friend. You might think that it is enough to have a GPS, but in remote locations the GPS isn’t the most reliable source of information.

Google Earth and Google Maps

The photographers fascinated by landscape photography might think of these two programs as necessary tools for their work. These applications allow people to check out the terrain so that photographers will know how to prepare for their next shooting.

Power adapters

In case you are planning on traveling abroad it is a must for you to have a power adapter. Just consider that in the majority of the countries the power outlets aren’t suitable for your plugs. In order to use any electric device you will have to carry an adapter around.

Hard drive

When going on a longer trip it is an absolute necessity to take a hard drive with you. In our days that cameras are able to make high quality photos, but these also need a lot of physical space. To make sure that you won’t run out of storage space the best thing to do is to carry a hard drive at all times.


A lot of photographers are using tablet or an iPad. This is a convenient alternative for a laptop. A tablet is easier to use and easier to carry around, not to mention that it is also smaller, which makes it just perfect for traveling.

There are some other things as well that you might need, such as cloud storage, external batteries, a mobile phone, spirit level,  head torch, camouflage, and a thermos to keep your beverage warm (or cold).


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