In order to be able to use your camera as it is meant to be used, you have to learn about focus on digital camera basics. Focus can be your friend if you can use it correctly, but it can also be your enemy if you can’t use it. Make sure that it won’t ruin your photos.

How to Focus on Digital Photography Basics

Lock the focus

Auto focus is great as long as it focuses on the right thing. In order to get it right you have to line up the camera’s auto focus lines on the viewfinder with the thing that you want to focus on. Then press the shutter halfway down, thus locking the focus and in the end press it all the way down.

When it comes to the basics of focus on digital photography it is common for the background to be in the focus while the subject is a blur. If something is happening fast and you want to immortalize it you might forget to lock the focus. If you are taking photos of people you could use the Face Detection feature.


Besides the focus on digital camera basics, you also have to think about exposure to have the photos that you want to have. If you use the auto exposure settings of the camera, usually you will get it right. However in some cases there is need to manual settings for the best results.

Light subjects

You should know regarding the focus basics on digital photography that if the subject of the photo is very bright, such as snow or a white dress, it can fool the auto exposure of the camera and the photo can turn out to be too dark. This is a case when you have to make manual settings.

Dark subjects

In case you are thinking about the focus on digital camera basics it is possible that the majority of the subjects have a darker color. This might also fool the auto exposure of the camera and in the end all the subjects could look grey. This is because the camera is trying to make them have a brighter color.

Light backgrounds

These are also tricky, although they don’t necessarily have anything to do with the digital photography’s focus basics. The light backgrounds can ruin a good photo.

The beginners have a lot of things to learn about focus on digital camera basics.


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