Do you have a passion for photography and are looking to buy a second hand camera online? Well, firstly cameras do not come cheap and the money you spend on them must be spent with caution. There are few basic things that everyone who wants to buy a camera online must keep in mind before they finalize the purchase. Four pointers on how to buy a second hand camera online are given below for the assistance of all:

buying  second hand camera online

Trust Worthy Sellers

The first thing that you do when looking to buy a second hand camera online is to chalk down a list of trustworthy online seller. Even when you are buying a second hand camera offline you always consider the trustworthiness of the seller. Same goes with online sellers.

Now, the ways to determine the trustworthiness of the online seller includes going through the reviews, accessing trustworthiness through the knowledge of the seller and general conversations.

The previous reviews are the fastest way to access if the website or the seller has been selling good products, for second hand products that is. An assessment of the previous sales made is also a good indicator.

Some websites also have a ranking system which highlights verified, genuine and good sellers. These ranking systems can also be relied upon to determine the trustworthiness of the respective seller.

Shutter Count

A shutter is to a camera as an engine is to a car; it’s true for most cameras and all DSLRs. So before you make a purchase, enquire about the shutter count of the camera. While some cameras do go beyond the stated count, the mechanisms for some others might go slow and even fail fairly quickly.

Take Note if the Pricing is Extremely Low

There are some thieves and lemon sellers who just want to get rid of an illegally obtained product or a damaged product. So if the pricing is too low, or if the person agrees on a lot of bargain, you must stop and think before finalizing the purchase. Agreed that this may not always be the case, but very rarely will someone sell a good product at an extremely low price.

Is the Seller in an Urgency

Another point that you must keep in mind when buying a second hand camera online is- if the seller is showing abnormal levels of urgency in closing the deal; there may be something sticky. Yes people do want to get rid of the stuff they want quickly, but if the seller you are considering online is showing urgency in addition to some other red flags, then stop.

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