Canon and Nikon are the two most popular camera and camera equipment producing brands and are also the oldest. Here’s a look at some interesting facts and secrets about both:

Canon was found in 1937 and in 1964, Canola 130, which was world’s first 10 key calculator, was introduced to the world. In the year 1976, Canon launched the world’s first camera with embedded micro chip. This camera was called the AE-1.Nikon was found in Japan in the year 1917. It was in 1948 that Nikon 1, the first Nikon branded camera was released. In 1991, the first DSLR was created by Nikon for NASA whereas the Nikon D1SLR was first released in the year 1919. Later in 2008, Nikon released a camera called Nikon D90 which was the first SLR camera which could record videos.

According to the global IDC numbers of 2010, Canon and Nikon both have 44.5 % of the digital SLR market. Some of the products produced by Canon include film projectors, cameras, printers, calculators, electronic dictionaries, portable flash, multifunction peripherals and digital copiers. Nikon products range from Cameras, binoculars, film scanners and rifle scopes to microscopes, laser rangefinders and steppers/scanners.

Canon has a global market of 19.6 Billion whereas on the other hand, Nikon has a global market of 6.7 Billion. Infact worldwide, Canon was at the top when it comes to the digital camera market shares as per the 2012 records are concerned. Nikon was on the third position of this list whereas Sony occupied the second spot.



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