I was told that Nikon DS3 was exclusively created for photo journalists and for shooting sports. I know it was originally launched to be used at the Olympic Games in the winter of 2010 in Vancouver, and for that reason it was released next to the new zoom model of 70-200 f: 2, 8 AFS-VR 2.

Such a record sensibility allows the increase of the speed in shooting sports movement and with 1/100 instead of 1/10, 1/2000 instead 1/200 the odds of getting outstanding images grows exponentially.

The little time I held it in my hands, sometime between Monday morning and Sunday evening, and with the heavy snowing outside I really can’t say I had enough time to evaluate what it can really do.

The menu has hundreds of pages, a real maze, and the PDF manual disarms you with a length of over 400 pages. I can say for sure it is not light to be carried on the back but it fit my ordinary photographer’s bag that D200 found not roomy enough.

I would have liked to take it to a ball game. Since photographing ball games has been my passion for almost 25 years I could have made the best of the experience to put it at work and exploit those well praised rapid motion captures.

But the heavy snowing made that impossible and my tentativeness of getting special pictures of a sunset among mountains of snow was enthusiastic but nothing more.

The huge sensibility of the sensor gives you a feeling of freedom. 6.400 and 12, 8 K ISO are perfectly ok to use and 3.200 has an exceptional accuracy. In dark places this gets you an amazing exposure. Take for example the subway and the impossible light to take a decent picture. It behaved very good and caught the motion as it should be, clean and exact.

And here it is the apparent contradiction, resolution vs. sensibility.

At the first glance the first seems more important. There are moments when the second is preferable. In a very strong light the larger resolution ensures smoother details.

It can reach into the right light and get you the best or it can have an impossible light and not connect with the right amount of exposure. I have experienced both situations and I understood that for any professional camera there are large sensibilities with unacceptable results.

The large digital cameras like the Nikon DS3 have large captors and as a common ground rule a lot more pixels and a much higher resolution. But they are cameras specialized for newspaper work where the resolution is not that important but the speed and sensibility are an absolute must.

This professional camera will help you take that photo that will be used for print even if the quality is not the highest a photography artist would require. Not all the pictures can be taken at 2 feet; some are ok even at 70 cm. And that is what defines Nikon DS3.


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