If you are in the habit of shooting textures, and you are not getting it right then this guide will be of great help to you. The idea and the finesse of shooting textures do not come overnight.

There are several factors that affect the final print and at the same time you learn from your mistakes. These tips will help you to commit less of the mistakes and become seasoned.

photos of texture

Tips to Capture Texture

  • While some people may tell you to focus manually, the best way to get a clear shot is by using auto focus. That is the key. This will help you to reduce the margin of error. The slightest shift in focus can ruin your picture.
  • Avoid perspective issues. The easiest way to do it is by shooting at right angles so that the subject faces the camera directly. This will give the texture a flat look and not the angle that will ruin the original texture and design.
  • Make sure you are at the right distance from the object. While there is no guidebook that will specify the correct distance, it is necessary to ascertain the detail you want in your photograph. Too close will ruin it and too far will generalize it.
  • While shooting textures you should avoid the shallow depth of field. While this approach helps in capturing sceneries and in clicking one in a crowd, this is not the best way to photograph textures. Here you need clarity and the shallow depth of field can put your object out of focus.
  • Select wisely. Say you are clicking a carving on a wall then do not take the picture from far. You need to come close and focus on the carving so that part of the wall is also in focus. This is necessary because just like the carving, the wall is also a texture worth shooting.
  • Avoid shadows and reflections. While your eye is used to seeing these as part of the bigger picture, your camera will put it blatantly in front of you. You can avoid the shadows by the sun by changing position, but the rest you have to think.
  • Try not to use the flash. This burns the picture and the light play is ruined. If you need more light then place lights that will brighten the area and that will add character to your composition.

Photo Credit By: highresolutiontextures.com



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