In earlier days, if you wanted to get your digital photographs or images to a CD, then a photo lab was needed for it, but these days, anyone can burn digital pictures to a CD at home and very easily. Infact one does not even need special software for this. The following are the 10 steps to burn digital pictures to a CD:

Burn Digital Pictures To A CD

1. The first step to burning digital pictures to CD form is to save the images you want to a folder on your computer. Only after you save your desired images will you be able to burn them or transfer them to a CD.

2. The next step is to open the folder in which you have saved the images.

3. After doing this, your next job is to insert a blank CD to the CD-drive on your computer/laptop.  Make sure the CD is not corrupted and is working properly.

4. After inserting the CD into the removable disc drive, a window will pop up on your computer screen which will ask you what to do with the CD. At this point you will need to select the option of ‘open writable CD folder’. Hence now you will have two open folders on the computer-this folder as well as the folder where the images are located.

5. Now on the folder which contains your images, you will need to go to ‘Edit’ and then ‘Select All’ on the menu bar.  By doing this, all the images will get selected.

6. Click on the selected portion of the folder and drag these to the writable CD folder with one smooth motion.

7. The next step for you is to select the option of ‘write these files to CD’ which you can find beneath ‘CD writing tasks’ on the left hand side of the window.

8. Now you will be prompted to name the CD and you can do so by choosing any name or title of your choice.

9. After selecting the name of the CD, click ‘Next’.

10. Now the CD writer on your computer will burn the CD. After it completes the process, you will get a message informing about the same.Click on complete to end the process and then remove the CD from the drive.

CD burning is an easy process and helps you to have a copy of your files in CD format.

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