That about sums up what you live while viewing Scott Kelby’s shots.

None of the classic words that are generally used while referring to photography are enough to catch the true meaning of the things this artist creates. You could refer to it as art, but that still won’t do it.


These are the pictures that you want to have on your desktop. These are the shots that amateur photographers would die for to capture because they are so close to perfection.

He is not just another digital photographer. He dedicated his life to this art, studying it, trying to improve it, experimenting. He is also the Editor and Publisher of Photoshop User Magazine and author of many other studies, training courses and books.


How does an artist like him live?

Besides the fact that he has nine jobs, that’s right, nine… he lives like you and me. He is not like us, but lives like us.

He enjoys reading, watching a good romantic comedy, he loves Bon Jovi and Sinatra, he eats burgers and spaghettis, watches Seinfeld, Lost, Two and a Half Men and loves his wife and kid.


(photo by : t4m )

But his work is brilliant. Of course a good camera and skills in processing the images represent a big contribution to the final product, but the idea behind the image can’t be made by a camera, but by an innovative, talented mind.

And Scott Kelby captures the great things in life: great landscapes, beautiful people, unique moments in sports and traveling and that is what make him a hero of digital photography.



  1. Scott Kelby is a great inspiration for all photographers.I love his photography and i aspire to achieve Scott Kelby’s shots!Beautiful shots, love them!

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