There is no need to be a professional in order to create perfect images with your iPhone, but for the most digital photographers the apps on their iPhones are actually a “must have”.

The right apps for nature and outdoor photography are several. One of these tools is the Photogene. It is an app that is similar to mini-Photoshop program and it is extremely useful, because you can change the color balance, crop, exposure and deal with all the darkroom options.

Another app that can help you producing quality outdoor images is the Photo Forge. It has all the options that Photogene offers, but is said to be better, for it is producing photorealistic effects on the picture- something, which no other app is able to perform.

This app is for more complicated images and it is used mostly in landscape photography. For those of you that want simple and natural look, go for the Perfectly Clear app.

It is a simple tool and it fixes the darkroom parameters just with one click. It is recommended in black and white photography, for it is creating a perfect balance between light and shade.

The good news is that all the apps are inexpensive and you can get them at good price- just below $3.


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