Just because your camera is digital instead of a film model, it doesn’t mean that you can’t print hard copies of your photos. Many digital cameras will enable you to hook them directly into a printer to print off excellent quality color and black and white images.There are also companies that specialize in printing photo calendars where each month features a different photo.

There are several types of printers available on the market with inkjet models being the most popular. Photo-quality printers and all-purpose types are the basic types.

A good all-purpose printer is capable of printing high quality photos, but photo-quality models are made to produce professional quality images.

The Best Paper for Printing Digital Photos

The printer settings can be controlled from a computer’s printer driver. This allows you to choose the paper type, orientation and size as well as the print quality. To get the best image reproduction you should select the highest quality settings and use top quality printing paper.

You should also be able to clean the printer nozzles and align the print head by the computer. When the ink in the cartridge gets low, most drivers will warn you. Make sure the photos are dry before you store them.

You’ll find that the printers are available in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes and of course prices. But remember, it doesn’t matter how good printer and ink cartridges are, your photos won’t be top notch unless you use high-quality printing paper.

The overall look and quality of the prints usually depends on the texture and type of printing paper. The paper comes in different finishes, sizes, whiteness and thickness. The most popular types of finishes are matte, gloss and semi gloss.

The whiteness is rated on scale between one and 100 with the whitest being 100. Most papers for inkjet printers are rated from 95 to 100. The best printing paper is quick drying, water resistant, and light.

Some top-quality photography printing paper can last about 20 to 30 years without fading and offer the feel and look of traditional film photographs.


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