One of the hottest things on the mobile market at this moment is having

This mobile platform has been created by Google and the best thing is, it offers a lot of freedom to the users of mobile phone service such as O2, making it possible for them to do things with their phone and tablet that they have been never able before, such as create photographs at a high level.

There are numerous mobile applications that make it possible for you to make magic on your phone or tablet, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner. Mobile

This application comes from Adobe and it offers numerous features of the software Photoshop, so that you will be able to share and edit your photos almost anywhere. The things that you can do include cropping, adjusting color, rotating and artistic effects. You also have the possibility to access your files from your free account so that you can share them with other people.


The truth is that this software isn’t as complete as the previous one, and it comes with only one feature: adding more light to the photos.


This is also one of the applications that allow you to do more things with the photos, include add frame to them, use clip art, effects, rotation, mask modes, using stickers and brushes and you can save the images in high resolution.


The applications that have been presented before are quite serious but this one is known for being a lot of fun. You can be using different effects such as Blue Tone, LOMO and Aging, there are numerous frames and stickers so you can be sure to have a lot of fun with it.

PRO Paint Camera

It is said that in case you want to be able to make better photos, this is the application that you need. There are clip arts to use, correct the contrast, add text to the photos, and it makes it possible for you to use your camera as toy-camera and in X-ray mode.

Love Photo Frames

This application is just perfect for those people who are more romantic. It allows you to add personalized frames to the pictures, create albums of the photos and once you are done, you can send the entire album to your loved one.

As you can see there is an entire world to be explored.


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