30 Striking Examples of Silhouette Photography

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A silhouette is defined as an outline that appears dark against a light background. More specifically, it is where your subject is seen as a black shape without detail against a brighter background.

Several things require attention when photographing a silhouette. Here’s how to Photograph Silhouettes. Firstly, the contrast between the subject and the background has to bee extensive. So the light has to shine from behind of the subject.

Silhouettes are a wonderful way to convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood to the viewers of your photos. Objects silhouetted against the setting sun or a halo of light are breathtaking. Art silhouette pictures are a great way to make your photography portfolio stand out.

We hope you enjoy these 30 stunning examples of  Silhouette Photographs.

( photo by Thomas Hawk )

( photo  by Phottographer from phuket )

( photo by muha.. )

( photo by sharkbait )

( photo by Random Images from The Heartland )

( photo by muha.. )

( photo by pmarella )

( photo by muha.. )

( photo by marj k )

( photo by T J Scott )

( photo by prateek_pk, someone gift me a pro account )

( photo by T J Scott )

( photo by Wei Bunn )

( photo by Thomas Hawk )

( photo by Philipp Klinger )

( photo by an untrained eye )

( photo by T J Scott )

( photo by tanakawho )

( photo by ahmed(John) )

( photo by Tomaocron )

( photo by carf )

( photo by Mr.Bones )

( photo by six_austins )

(photo by simpologist )


( photo by Kevin Fleming {Delaware photographer} )

( photo by mk_lynx )

( photo by Thomas Hawk )

( photo by shoothead )

( photo by >voj< )

silhouette photography1

( photo by FalSal )

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  1. Phaoloo says:

    They are awesome photos

  2. what amazing photos. I have seen a few before but they are still some to behold. great work to those photographers that spent time and effort to getting these just right. They make it look like it’s easy and can be done with one shot. Although, some very well may have.

  3. TSA says:

    Fantastic feature! Must have taken time to collate all of these beautiful pictures. Hope you don’t mind if I cross-link this to my site.

  4. These are some really great pics. I think the silhouettes are enhanced by the brilliant surrounding colors.

  5. Elizabeth Abbott says:

    These are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Debbie Black says:

    Beautiful use of dramatic light/shadow images. Evoke the imagination of the veiwer. Thanx for the show

  7. flashvio says:

    Beautiful examples.

  8. so cool. just stunning!

  9. Damn.
    I must say…. Awesome collection

  10. Rose Reyes says:

    Beautiful images. Love the colors!

  11. nomad says:

    really nice! astonishing!

  12. robb says:

    #1 is gotta be the best imho.
    i just loved the composition.

  13. sethmad says:

    I think this one fits also here:

    [another day, another kingdom](http://www.flickr.com/photos/seth_mad/3636009394/)

  14. these pictures are awesome!

  15. anirudh says:

    excellent additions to my wallpapers set

  16. Vesito says:

    It’s amazing 😀 very nice photos 🙂

  17. those photos are breathtaking.

  18. DZRTJUL says:


  19. mario says:

    Thanks for sharing… the photo are gorgeous

  20. Robert says:

    I love the giraffes and the camels. Thanks for the collection!

  21. brie says:

    wow. that is fantastic! the photographs are simply yet fascinating! thank you for sharing.

  22. fccfu says:

    First pic looks like a silhouette of Kim Jong-il

  23. Absolutely stunning – Thank you for taking the time to collect these images for us. You made my day and inspired me to take my photography more seriously.

  24. Jennifer says:

    This is an amazing collection of images. There is something stunning about silhouette photography and the emotion that it can convey. I especially love the one by T.J. Scott of the mother and daughter at sunset.

    At CanvasPop (http://www.canvaspop.com) we have seen people starting to enlarge their own pictures and printing on canvas.

  25. notnem says:

    The pictures are incredible. Very hard to pick a favourite.

  26. Doshi says:

    Amazing collection….. no more words. pictures says 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of words

  27. Just Beautiful, every single one. The picture of the ocean with a guy setting up his photography equipment really caught my eye, how stunning. They were all incredible.

    Thank you…

  28. shubhangi says:

    very nice photos!
    simply gr8! amezing! cant stop my self commenting on this.

  29. so fantastic..

    i like all of pictures..

  30. Jobbed hussi says:

    They are good but I don’t understand whats so striking about the woman walking in front of the shopping centre thats more like Stalking example.

  31. Alok Baranwal says:

    stunning..amazing..great shots! hatts off to persons behind the lens..

  32. great photos with several silhouettes! Of course I am partial to balloons,kites,umbrellas,zebras…colour in general!! I feel life should be full of color.

  33. IMQureshi says:

    i don’t think so these are only wid camera..edited with photoshop or some other software.
    anyways amazing photography.

  34. Such beautifully captured moments in time. Absolutely love silhouettes. use them in my poetry often! Thank you for sharing. Elizabeth Abbott

  35. Cessy says:

    Great shots! Thanks for sharing this to the world. And also for sharing the technique of how to shoot ’em.

  36. Sarah says:

    I’ve been to one of those places. The one with all the neon colored lights is in Hong Kong. I saw that and my Mission group did the exact same thing. Incredible pictures. Simply amazing.

  37. Bumhan says:

    Stunning! These are literally mind-blowing. Thanks for the collection. You really want to make me grab my camera (or give it up at all).

  38. Iraildes Mascarenhas says:

    It´s very beautifull and inteligent, criate, originate.
    Iraildes Mascarenhas

  39. Great Photos!!!

    It shows well how simple life can be when the focus is wider and becomes precious in pictures like these.
    Thanks for sharing !

  40. Daniel says:

    … Some of them just look like cut cardboard, so they look ugly, but some do look great.
    I still don’t like neither apreciate this type of photography but oh well, keep ’em comin’

  41. Jessa (JEM) says:

    What stunning images and talented individuals!

  42. Amit says:

    Beautiful timing and excellent pictures on silhouette..half the job is done wen you choose a strong subject..flash is not advised..one of the best tip for silhouette photography is keeping the objects distinct and uncluttered..thanx for sharing this wonderful images…

  43. Sunil says:

    This is amazing collection of Silhouettes. I am simple impressed with it. I had tried out taking Silhouettes many times. This link have some of them : http://photokada.com/index.php/2010/04/14/beauty-of-black-silhouettes/

  44. Very nice examples of Silhouette Photography, the colours and subjects look really nice too.

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