Shadows add facet and meaning to an image. They can emphasize emotions, create surreal images, and be used in a variety of ways.

Shadows create fascinating pictures on their own, and they also are beautiful when paired with their parent object.

The contrast between the image and its shadow makes an amazing photograph.

We have put together 30 truly outstanding photos that make strong use of shadows in a variety of ways.

shadow photography1

( photo by smashitup )

shadow photography2

( photo by adventure_eye )

( photo by proserpina )

( photo by newmon )

shadow photography8

( photo by alterednate )

( photo by sergi bernal )

( photo by xeviharo )

( photo by neloqua )

( photo by slipper buddha )

( photo by evanleavitt )

( photo by alles-schlumpf )

( photo by sbcreate11 )

( photo by James_Tensuan )

( photo by Scott Ableman )

( photo by Solafin )

( photo by painter girl )

shadow photography19

( photo by boukesalverda )

( photo by Eglantine )

( photo by Monster )

shadow photography21

( photo by wabberjocky )

( photo by fluxxus1 )

( photo by my new clever name )

shadow photography3

( photo by gelliespinault )

shadow photography24

( photo by Brian Auer )

( photo by chris10eyck )

shadow photography26

( photo by Zangerpwn )

shadow photography27

( photo by alonsodr )

( photo by ViaMoi )

( Photo by Chris Bertram )

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  1. Great photos with one exception – the mountain by Solafin doesn’t look right. The Sun is to the left and behind the mountain, but the left-front of the mountain is strongly illuminated. The only way that would work is if there was a strong reflector in front of the mountain and to its left. Okay there could be another snow covered mountain there, but – hmmmm….

    Huge praise to neloqua for that beautiful shot of the egret taking off. Colour, composition – everything is perfect.

  2. Stunning! Everytime shadows get in my pictures
    they aren’t supposed to be there. I’ll have to learn
    how to catch them better.

  3. Pretty sure I’ve seen the “heart” one in colour on wikipedia before. Was a red filter instead of just a ring.

  4. ultra cool…. never thought shadows can also be a cool subject!!!! inspired me to do something

  5. Most of these excellent pieces elegantly represent the porwer of conceptual shift. Like many others in the “comments” I could actually feel my brain doing something it rarely does, absorb like bread instead of a sponge and feel uniquely refreshed and hungry to join in the dance.

  6. simply fishing on the beach is the best with great composition and an excellent example of silhouette photography..

  7. The ring on the book unsuspectingly creating the heart shaped shadow is one on my favs… though all are amazing pics.. im inspired. Tks!

  8. The old dear dancing has just got to be fake. The hands, feet, coat and skirt do not match. I am convinced that it was not necessary to fake the original.

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