Multiplicity Photography

Ever pictured you being at different places at the same time? Make this a virtual reality by practicing Multiplicity Photography.

Multiplicity Photography is all about creating an effect of cloning anything and everything you want to, in one single picture, of-course without having to play with anybody’s genes.

Get a high resolution, good camera and a tripod to keep it steady. Next, ruffle up your imagination to see what you want to create.

Have a subject.

Use the manual mode of your camera and keep it at one place from the start till the end. Try using a remote shutter if possible to avoid even that teeny- weenie distortion that might result from touching it.

Let the subject move around to the different positions you have already imagined. Make sure the positions are not repeated and are not at the same place. Click on.

Out of many options of image editing, Photo shop is the most user-friendly.  So now its time to get on the real job of Multiplicity Photography, now that clicking pictures is over with.

Start with the far most picture and move towards the frontal pictures. This is the time to showcase your technical skills and bring out an arty blend of technology and vision.

Here are 30 awesome examples of Multiplicity Photography.

multiplicity photography( Photo by orangeacid )

multiplicity photography( Photo by Auntie P )

multiplicity photography( Photo by Lens-Prince )

multiplicity photography 4( Photo by Icky Pic )

multiplicity photography 5( Photo by LizViggiano )

multiplicity photography 6( Photo by MeFind )

multiplicity photography 7( Photo by austinspace )

multiplicity photography 8( Photo by DanDeChiaro )

multiplicity photography 9( Photo by evaxebra )

multiplicity photography 10( Photo by MeFind )

multiplicity photography 11( Photo by ckilgore )

multiplicity photography

( Photo by Photos by Dash )

multiplicity photography 13( Photo by shannonkringen )

multiplicity photography 14( Photo by Paul Mayne )

multiplicity photography 15( Photo by Bobasonic )

multiplicity photography 16( Photo by leviandrachel )

multiplicity photography 17( Photo by saboegel )

multiplicity photography 18( Photo by Bobasonic )

multiplicity photography 19( Photo by Angela_Toidze )

multiplicity photography 20( Photo by Michael Hunter )

multiplicity photography 21( Photo by ?betenoir )

multiplicity photography 22( Photo by seanleecheng )

multiplicity photography 23( Photo by fuschai.tea )

multiplicity photography 24( Photo by MeFind )

multiplicity photography 25( Photo by )

multiplicity photography 26( Photo by MeFind )

multiplicity photography 27( Photo by ?betenoir )

multiplicity photography 28( Photo by MeFind )

multiplicity photography 29( Photo by Bobasonic )

multiplicity photography 30( Photo by Mowling )

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