It is almost impossible to capture a speeding bullet with your eye and the impact the bullet creates is even faster and happens within a blink of an eye.

It will be very much interesting to see how the objects look while breaking and shape it takes after hitting with a bullet.

Here are 30 excellent high speed photos of bullets passing through various objects, captured using high speed cameras.

High Speed Bullet Photography 3

High Speed Bullet Photography 18

high speed bullet photography 4

high speed bullet photography 5

high speed bullet photography 6

high speed bullet photography 8

high speed bullet photography 9

high speed bullet photography 2

high speed bullet photography 11

high speed bullet photography 12

high speed bullet photography 13

high speed bullet photography 10

high speed bullet photography 14

high speed bullet photography 15

high speed bullet photography 16

( photos by alan_sailer )

( photos by nebarnix )

( photo by fithtyfithty )

( photo by kb2zuz )

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  1. First, I agree the match sticks could be faked. I don’t really care because I found it among the least impressive.

    Second, the gymnast shot challenges any shooter who has little or no control over the environment where they have to shoot something like this. Having the subject come at you makes it a little less challenging than tracking (panning) it laterally.

    The jet ski spray? Definitely for effect. The spray as billions of defined water droplets would have been most impressive since daylight watersport locations pretty much rule out ultra high speed lighting.

    Lastly, I find it ironic that in Edweard Muybridge’s time many people still shot their food to subsist. Now people go to the grocery store to buy their food to shoot, and call it art.

  2. Sure it’s real. High speed photography has gotten attention even on TV shows like Time Warp and Mythbusters on Discovery.

  3. how can you possibly think this isnt real stupid…
    even if they didnt put in the hours and hours to get a good single shot there are cameras that take 10,000+ frames a second

  4. Omg, I’m kind of stoned right now. And when that first guy said that these pictures are fake, something just clicked. I mean, I know for a fact these are real, but if you just imagine that they are actually faked, its like a million times more impressive. The detail, if that was the case, is so incredible that it’s a mind boggling proposition.

  5. Oh, the photos are real, but many of them aren’t of wadcutters from a firearm.

    Those are pellets from an air gun most likely. Look at the skirted projectile going through the single red tube of paint and the blob of orange gelatin.

    Great photos still.

  6. “even if they didnt put in the hours and hours to get a good single shot there are cameras that take 10,000+ frames a second”

    You don’t need a special camera. Here’s how you do it:

    1) Mount gun somewhere and point it at something
    2) Build a device that closes a circuit when it hears a sound, and also adds an adjustable delay (it’s really simple, just google)
    3) Connect the device to a flashgun
    4) Turn off the lights in the room
    5) Set your camera shutter speed to something like 10 seconds
    6) Adjust the delay so the flash fires when the bullet is in front of the camera
    7) Profit!

  7. The photos appear to be real to me, and impressive for color and detail. However, as Bob says above, the “bullets” are actually air gun pellets which only travel at about 800-1000 feet per second. Much more impressive would be to catch shots of a high-power rifle bullet which travels in excess of 2,500 or even 4,300 feet per second… this camera would never catch it.

  8. Yes, the pictures are cool, but is anyone noticing what an amazingly accurate aim who ever is actually shooting these objects has?
    I’m mean it’s freakin ridiculous some of the things he’s shooting through.

  9. I loved the Chocolate Bunny. Creepy. Sort of like a sick, bad, dream. Even as his brains are blown out, he has a surreal grin. I’d want to club him too.
    Maybe there’s a physiological edge…
    The US is plagued by obesity and the culprit is The Chocolate Bunny. Even after the shit is smashed out of his face you can still see that stupid grin. Someone who has a real problem… couldn’t help gobble him up off the floor and wall, feel the pain and humiliation of being fat. Still, the bunny would be laughing…….. “inside”.

  10. Hey everyone…these pictures are real! I wish all the photoshop shouters would use photoshop before saying everything is photoshop. Photoshop is not that easy to create work like this with so it would still be a great feat. Anyways the “bullets” are really flat head pellets from an air gun as mentioned by a couple others. The other thing you may want to look into is Gamo air guns. They produce high speeds. They have a rifle that shoots at 1800fps. I own one that shoots at 1400fps (model below the most BA model). 1400fps is right there with the speed a .22 cal travels at and faster than most calibers travel at (22’s travel faster due to less resistance through the air; smaller bullet). I think some of the shots are with actual fire arms though, the pumpkin for instance is taking some serious damage….to much for a pellet from an air gun I believe, unless the pumpkin is smaller than it appears. Very nice photos though I think this is interesting to see.

  11. The photos capture a moment that is fascinating to the human eye. It does capture a moment that we would not witness otherwise. Form and shape.

    It’s also amazing how there are very few comments here about the inherent violence in these photos, and the destruction caused by bullets that tear at human flesh and the fabric of society, and the fact that these moments happen with great frequency.

    We are fascinated by power. And we want to call it beauty, but by doing so, we make violence banal.

  12. I am really suprised that some of you think that this can’t be done with a camera. They are very well done shots and much credit should be given to the people who had photographed them.

    Beautiful work,

  13. Many of those aren’t bullets… they are air rifle pellets, judging by the shape.

    Nice photos, regardless. Wish I had that kind of artistic eye. Problem is that I’m an engineer and focus on details, not big picture. 🙂

  14. What fantastic photographs. Would love to try high-speed photography. The colours are just great.

  15. Terrific! I’m very jealous of those images, I wish I could do as well.Those images took a lot of aptitude to create, well done. I’ve bookmarked this site.

  16. As a product photographer, I’ve always had an appreciation for this type of photography. The prep time, I’m sure, is extensive though. I’m not sure I’d be that patient 😉

  17. Well done, a lot of nice photos, as I was and I dealt with photography and now I do programming and web site design. Go for the beautiful photos …

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