Motion blur is frequently used to show a sense of speed. Photos taken with a camera do not represent a single moment of time. Due to technological constraints these shots stand for some scene over a brief period of time.

Rather than an ultra-fast shutter speed, time-lapse and motion blur photography use a very slow shutter speed or multiple images to convey time and/or movement. In motion blur, any object moving with respect to the camera will look blurred or smeared along the direction of relative motion.

Here are 25 beautiful and creative pictures of Motion Blur…

( photo by Lindsay Hope )

( photo by Brent and Marilynn )

( photo by jcowboy )

( photo by prawnpie )

( photo by oneredpanther )


( photo by mdumlao98 )

( photo by J-Cornelius )


( photo by slapshots )


( photo by Toby Keller )

( photo by Magic_Man )


( photo by Natasha Mhatre )


( photo by Andrew )

( photo by Leighton )

( photo by Trance-Elbow )


( photo by Laanba )

( photo by Mike Manalang )

( photo by Shane Glenn )

( photo by achtung.barry )

( photo by riebschlager )

( photo by Robert Claessen )

( photo by Rik Miller )

( photo by Mike Manalang )

( photo by jleaf4)

( photo by Ole Begemann )

( photo by itmpa )

Here is a good article on How to Capture Motion Blur in Photography



  1. Sorry, don’t think the dog (about sixth last) was shot like that. Looks like a photoshop to me. I would clone layer, filter, reduce opacity and then mask out dog area to get an almost identical effect.

  2. I dunno Terence.. looks like a crappy photograph job to me.. lol – Most of the pictures look fantastic, but the flying bird, dog and a couple others just look like blurry photos

  3. Wow! These photos are just fantastic. I could sit and look at them all afternoon. Thanks for sharing, and for providing the ‘how to’ link.

  4. Exceptional pictures! i have never seen such wonderful photographs, in my life. These photos inspired me to start doing motion blur photography.I really admire this collection!

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