Capturing the beauty of the world beneath the oceans is a challenge, but the rewards are worth it. The excitement comes not only from the idea of capturing an underwater scene on film or on a digital camera’s sensor, but also from being in a completely different environment.

Since it is a specialized area that relatively few photographers attempt, the opportunities for new and different images are many.

It is no surprise that underwater photography is a favorite pastime for scuba divers. The idea could have come from those few people that were able to experience the joys and beauty of underwater life and a desire to share that beauty with others.

The fundamentals of photography remain the same wherever you are taking pictures, but when the medium that light travels through is water – not air – special techniques and equipment are needed in order to capture good images.

Here are some beautiful underwater pictures; which might give you some inspiration, when you are going for your next adventure.

photo by

photo by: mgleiss

underwater photography3

photo by mgleiss

underwater photography 4

photo by childish_david

photo by mgleiss

underwater photography6

photo by Travis Stansbury

photo by rene_cazalens

underwater photography8

Photo by Zena Holloway

underwater photography9

Photo by Zena Holloway

underwater photography

photo by mgleiss


photo by Sea Moon

underwater photography12

photo by justonemore


photo by Wandering Simon

photo by Eldad75

photo by by Adam Broadbent

photo by Mshai

underwater photography17

photo by

photo by Kawa0310

photo by John & Pam Owens

underwater photography21

photo by ian

Do send us your own tips and pointers for taking pictures underwater, whether in a shallow stream or the ocean floor. Include your images whenever possible, and we will publish them on this blog; if we like them.

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  1. A white Tiger under water is surely amazing.

    I hope the person that was standing behind him was known to the tiger.

  2. to be honest though, the real boundary for most people anxious to get into underwater photography with real options, such as those with dSLRs is the price of the underwater housings necessary for such expeditions. For example, a comparable housing for the Nikon D80 dSLR will cost $1100 and requires specialized adaptors for various lenses.
    However, this may be mitigated by using lower-end cameras, at the expense of more creative options and ability commonly found at the dSLR+ level.

  3. I don’t know why but I get PS-vibes from some of these, the tiger most of all. Firstly, land living mammals rarely sink, like humans they float. There’s also something wierd about the way the fur looks and behaves under water, I would have expected more tiny bubbles emerging from the fur and ripple patterns from hair moving under water. Ofc, all of the above could be the result of normal PS-editing to make a good picture, doesn’t have to be fake.

  4. in response to rly… there are plenty of air bubbles coming from the fur of the tiger, also if you look at the way the light hits the body of the animal, especially on the left front leg, and the shadow it makes on the ground look very real to me.

  5. I think the tiger picture is a hybrid. Look at the difference between the color of the black stripes on the head and body. It looks like a real picture of a tiger under water with a ‘scary face’ from a picture of the tiger out of the water.

  6. Many great shots. I think the one of the soccer player is the most successful. Although the silhouette of the horse and rider is lovely, it falls into the cliche category.

  7. Wow amazing pictures! I will surely try this for my wedding photography clients in orange county!

  8. the tiger one is definatly a fake one , how the hell r u gonna get a tiger to jump the in the water for u and pose 4 a pic???

  9. The photo`s are all impressive, and have that wow factor. The Tiger photo I have seen before, it`s only one from a series, trust me there not fake. When you eventually come across them you`ll see what I mean.

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