These fun pictures are created by taking a high speed photo while shaking the relaxed face.

Want to Jowel? Follow the steps located at How to Capture a Jowler .

  1. Loosen all of the muscles in your face and refrain from making any expression.
  2. Try to keep your eyes and mouth open.
  3. Shake your head from side to side as quickly as possible while the picture is being taken.

Make sure to use a digital camera with a flash in order to capture the jowler in freeze frame!

Enjoy these 20 exaggerated expressions of Jowling Photography…

( photo by nickesellen )

( photo by theprofessorisback )

( photo by PhotoGirlAZ )

( photo by notorious d.a.v )

( photo by WOLF CHOIR )

( photo by belmontvisionphotos )

( photo by belmontvisionphotos )

( photo by Alex Mahan )

( photo by Jack the Intrepid )

( photo by nicksellen )

( photo by Lucascm )

( photo by ives_nathan )

( photo by Rudy Malmquist )

( photo by Photosynthetique )

jowling photo 15

( photo by belmontvisionphotos )

( photo by Alex Mahan )

( photo by Scott Robbin )

( photo by masthy )

( photo by castermer )

( photo by zvisus )



  1. I suppose I’m a fragile sort of bunny but these pictures greatly disturb me. I don’t think I like “jowling.”

  2. This way of taking photos has been around for AGES in the uk, probably since around 2003. They arent called jowlers in the uk though theyre called mong shots. So thats mongs or monging.

    Come on keeeeeeep up!!!

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