–Don’t die without capturing these on film!

1. Stonehenge, UK

( photo by ntalka )

This prehistoric monument is located in England and is perhaps one of the most photographed locations in the world.

stonehenge 2

( photo by juergen kurlvink )

Composed of massive standing stones arranged in a circle, these structures change in personality throughout the date, catching the sun as it moves through the maze of stones, creating shadows and patterns that are absolutely out of this world.

stonehenge 3

( photo by V for Photography )

2. Yosemite National Park

( photo by PatrickSmithPhotography )

This park in the US is located in East Central California where it covers over 760,000 acres of land and is visited by millions of people every single year.

yosemite national park 4

( photo by Cliff Stone )

Filled with a series of fragmented habitats, there is a great deal of diversity in the plant and animal life in the region, offering countless opportunities to capture interesting and wonderful images.

yosemite national park 5

( photo by jezm2000 )

yosemite national park 6

( photo by G Dan Mitchell )

3. Alaska’s pristine glacier wilderness

( Photo by studiolit )

Alaska is home to glaciers, whales, and pristine rugged landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see.

alaskas pristine glacier wilderness 1

( photo by Nik’s Pics )

Take a cruise out to see to get a truly spectacular view of these breathtaking glaciers and the many marine mammals that migrate through the area.

alaskas pristine glacier wilderness 2

( photo by aktraildog )

4. St. Petersburg, Russia

( photo by jimg944 )

St. Petersburg in Russia offers some of the most amazing architectures in the world, including the famed the Winter Palace.

st petersburg russia 1

(photo by Driftings )

As the center of 300 years of European history, it also has many historical sites to visit and photograph.

st petersburg russia 2

( photo by Oleg Mirabo )

5. The Galapagos Islands

( photo by N3074Echo )

The Galapagos Islands have been called the birthplace of evolution since they were where Darwin first began to hone his idea of natural selection.

the galapagos islands 1

( photo by es77efano )

Filled with fantastical, unique, and utterly amazing creatures, great and small, the islands are an enduring example of how amazing our earth is.

6. The Northern Lights

( phot by Image Editor )

Known as the Auroras, the northern (and even southern) polar lights are one of the most amazing natural phenomenon to behold.

northern lights 1

( photo by David Cartier )

Get your camera out to capture the dancing, crackling light show that comes to these regions, bring color and wonder to a dark sky.

northern lights 2

( photo by J. Oetinger )

7. Japanese Zen Gardens

( photo by Paul Mannix )

Japanese Zen gardens throughout the region offer many intriguing sites, including sculpted trees, manicured sand, and wonderful temples.

japanese zen gardens 1

( photo by Tony the Misfit )

Capture the peace and serenity here and you may just instill your own soul with the tranquility you find there.

japanese zen gardens 2

( photo by One man’s perspective )

8. Santorini, Greece

( photo by Sandro Mancuso )

The island of Santorini sits quietly at the edge of the sea, filled with smooth, white-washed buildings that shine in the morning sun.

santorini greece 1

( photo by Jose Miguel M.P )

Each village has a port at the foot of the cliffs, with a winding path leading up the rock face offering plenty of vantage points from which to photograph the splendor.

santorini greece 2

( photo by kdludwig )

9. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

( photo by tylerdurden )

This ancient “lost” city was the center of Khmer civilization for over 500 years and is the mythical Holy center of Hinduism.

angkor wat cambodia 1

( photo by Garion88 )

It has amazing architecture and fantastic history embedded in every stone.

angkor wat cambodia 2

( photo by msdstefan )

10. Petra, Jordan

( photo by Lo Scorpione )

This red sandstone city of the 3rd century BC was first carved out of the rocks by nomadic Arabs known as Nabataeans.

petra jordan 1

( photo by yanaljr )

You enter the area through this narrow passage and are then treated to the rock face that looms 100 meters in the air. Pure magic.

petra jordan 2

( photo by nicksflix )

11. Taj Mahal, India

( photo by  Devmalya )

This landmark in India is breathtaking in its beauty and intriguing in its history.

taj mahal india 1

( photo by RTQ )

The blinding white of the facade changes personality throughout the day as light levels change and activity ebbs and flows around the building.

taj mahal india 2

( photo by RTQ )

12. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

( photo by The Lightworks )

This series of interlocking reefs and islands is perhaps the most abundant coral reef system in the world, stretching over 2,000 km.

great barrier reef australia 1

( photo by richard ling )

A photography career would not be complete without capturing images of the underwater beauty of this place.

great barrier reef australia 2

( photo by JacksonWong )

13. Iguassu Falls, Brazil

( photo by over_Kind_man )

On the border between Brazil and Argentina, these falls are perhaps the most perfect in the world, spanning several kilometers in length and cascading down several levels. They’re a site to behold, and one not to miss with your camera!

iguassu falls brazil 2

( photo by Argentina Travel Pictures )

iguassu falls brazil 1

( photo by Argentina Travel Pictures )

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