Many people around the world have mobile phones these days and most of these devices come with a digital camera built into them.  On some occasions you may find yourself with no choice but to use the phone camera to take your photos.


This could be because you don’t have your regular digital camera with you or it’s broken down or any other reason. If you have to use a phone camera these tips should help you get a decent photo from it.

  • Take a lot of photos of the subject as it increases the chances of getting a good shot
  • Move in close so you don’t have to zoom in and lose clarity, but not too close as the photos may become distorted
  • When taking photos of pets and children try getting down to their level for a more personal feeling
  • If the camera doesn’t have a flash, make sure there’s enough light
  • Always look over the photo on the display screen to see if you need to retake it if it’s bad
  • Only keep the ones that you like. Delete the rest for more space
  • If you plan on printing the photo make sure camera’s resolution is set to the high mode for the best quality
  • Make sure you know what the phone camera is capable of by reading the manual and practicing
  • Stay as still as possible to reduce blurring, even for a few seconds after pressing the shutter

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