While in the past photography has been the hobby of people, in our days it has become a profession. There are more and more new technologies introduced, including HDR or high dynamic range. So what is HDR photography?

What Is HDR Photography?

The definition of HDR photography

Dynamic range means the difference between the lightest and darkest color value or contrast. High dynamic range is a jargon that refers to the photos with maximum dynamic range. The HDR cameras have more contrast than the usual cameras and the photos are also of higher quality.

What to know about HDR?

If you are interested in the HDR photography definition, you have to remember that not all HDR images are unrealistic or excessively colorful. The main point is to shoot clear photos by overcoming the limitations set by traditional cameras.


Through HDR photography the photographers have the possibility to compile photos taken with different exposure. This way the photos will have good light detail, which wasn’t possible through the use of ordinary cameras.

The best thing about high dynamic range photography is that photographers can take amazing still shots, with both overexposed and underexposed settings. While the photographers have the possibility to use different kinds of settings, it is best to keep the photos as realistic as possible.


The photographers interested in what is HDR photography should know that using a HDR camera can make up for the lack of creativity. Although it is not common to use practices of this kind, sometimes the use of technology can make up for lack of natural talent.


In case you are interested in photography of high dynamic range keep in mind that it is good to have a tripod at all times. Another thing that you will need is a good photo editing software in order to add the right effects to the photos. There is some software that you can get for free, but if you wish to have professional results you might have to invest in software that is expensive, but that has a lot to offer.

Now that you know what is HDR photography, you could start thinking about using a camera of this kind. For sure you will notice that your photos will come to new life and the world around you will become richer and brighter with every photo that you take.

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