Motor Racing is a very dangerous game that not only puts the racers in an adrenaline thumping period but also pulls to the audience into the edge of their seats. Photographing these events is a completely different experience all together. It is a great challenge to do this kind of sports photography for a number of reasons and one of the most prominent being that it is very fast and quick. So before you even get to frame the image right they zoom past you.

How to photograph motor racing

Here are some awesome photography tips that you need to remember the next time you visit a motor race with your DSLR or a simple point and shoot.

1. Set Your Shutter Speed Low

The only way you can free a fast moving object in space is by decreasing your shutter speed. This will create a magnificent effect where your subject is stopped in a fraction of seconds, its details are minute, while the background is in a state of blur. This effect creates an illusion of motion for your moving object.

However, on doing so, your image might face a hand jerk. So for photography like this, where you need to lower your shutter speed, it is always recommended that you use a tripod. Also, adjust your lighting by changing your ISO because bringing a change in your shutter speed drastically changes your lighting.

2. Pan Your Photos

Another excellent method to capture motion is if you pan your camera with the moving object. However, this is extremely tough to perfect in one or two tries ad needs a whole lot of practice. The trick is to pan in the same pace as that of the moving object so that the details in the object are sharp but the background becomes blurred giving an illusion of motion. For this, you need to pre focus on an area prior to the subject crossing it and choosing a shutter speed of about 1/200th of a second.

3. Use a Wide Angle Lens

Photography like this is always better when you do it with a wide angle lens of 28 mm or less that captures the entire track as well as the stadium. On doing so, the picture you shoot has a lot more to say than you just clicking one of the racers. It captures the enthusiasm of the fans as well and brings a non-linearity to the photograph. A great place to shoot is when the race is about to begin.

4. Stay alert for Emergencies

Motor racing events can call for emergencies at any time, thus try not to run out of the way and stay guarded by some pole or barrier nearby.  While photographing, it’s essential to see through the eyepiece, but keep an overview of the entire track to get the sudden and ‘best’ shot.

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