Watermarking photos is a method through which original photographers seal their clicked photographs with their name, signature or a symbol of copyright so as to mark them as theirs. While lots of photographers watermark their photos to avoid letting it be used by others, some do it for the sake of creativity and fun.

But it is important to know that there are both pros and cons of watermarking photos and if you are a photographer, you must be aware of both. Below given is list of the top pros and cons of watermarking:

pros and cons of watermarking your pictures

Pros of Watermarking Photos

  • Watermarking helps photographers to get recognition and exposure when the photos are shared and this can increase their popularity. It is like a personal signature which helps people identify you and enables you to get recognition in the industry.
  • Watermarking helps to protect the work of photographers who do not want it to be used by others as their own. As a picture gets popular, people tend to steal it and showcase it as their own work. Watermarking helps avoid stealing.

Cons of Watermarking Photos

  • One of the biggest negative associated with watermarking photos is that the watermark may often distract the viewer from the main subject, especially if the watermark is big and not subtle. It can get in the way of art and creativity by attracting attention to it.
  • It is a fact that a watermark can look too pretentious to viewers and may look like the photographer considers himself bigger than his photograph. The photograph must be enough to let people ask who clicked it rather than giving away the name yourself.  Of course, some may argue that watermarking is important to protect work but excellent work of creativity does not need that kind of protecting.
  • If the wrong font size, font color and font style is used, a watermark can look ugly and may turn even a good looking photograph into an average looking one. A bad looking watermark may divert attention and may create a bad impression in the mind of the onlooker.
  • Sometimes, it may be difficult to find the perfect spot on the picture to place the watermark. An inappropriately placed watermark can hide the important or crucial elements of the photograph and may hence come in the way of displaying the complete picture.

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