Vintage is considered to be the new modern. This is why a lot of photographers are looking for vintage wedding photography tips. Although you might think it is easy to create something that looks old with the latest technology, keep in mind that first you have to find a subject to work with.


The most important rule that you have to learn that not all the pictures you take at a wedding need a retro-touch. Not all the photos are suitable for treatment of this kind. If you overdo it, the photos will end up having a gimmicky look. Instead be selective and treat only the photos that are suitable.



So how do you know which photos to work with regarding the wedding tips for vintage photography? Look for items that remind you of the days past, such as a bride in a frock, cupcakes, VW campers or anything that makes people feel nostalgic.


It is common for people to think of portraits regarding the vintage wedding photography tips. People just love this kind of editing. Choose the photos that have a lot of natural and warm light. Sunbeams and flare are very easy to work with. If you have a dark picture, you could still find some elements that you can brighten up.

How to do it?

If you are interested in ideas for vintage photography tips, you should know that Photoshop has a lot of features that you can use for vintage editing. Naturally there are some free products as well, that you might use.


One of the vintage wedding photography tips that you should know about is that if you start editing for a long time, you may forget where you started from. This is why it is wise to revise from time to time how the original photo looks like and what you would like to achieve.



Most probably the couple you are working with just loves the retro touch at the moment, but as one of the photography ideas for vintage weddings you have to remember that trends change, and at a given moment the couple may wish to have the original photos as well.

There is a lot to know about the vintage wedding photography tips and you can never stop learning. The best thing you could do is to experiment with the settings of your camera.

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