When winter comes, the true photographers instantly think about all the great shots that they will take. In order to make sure that your photos will be worth taking, there are some tips that you could use to make them truly come alive.

Tips to Capture Snowed Scenery

“White” Vignette

The main point of the “white” vignette is to guide the eyes of the viewers towards the center of the photo. If the vignette is too dark it will become way too obvious and the picture will look artificial. The “white” vignette, on the other hand, offers more natural results.

Contrasts and Colors

If you take photos in a snowstorm, there will be little contrast and the picture may look like it has a low quality. Such a situation makes it possible for you to increase the contrast and saturation, achieving a painting-like result. Over-saturating may not be the best idea, but in some circumstances it works.

White Frame, White Mat

If you have a lot of white on the picture and you used a white vignette, you can further emphasize the whiteness of the photo by adding a white mat and a white frame. You can be sure that these will integrate nicely into the photo.


In order to achieve a menacing winter scene, consider taking shots at dusk. If there is little light, the contrast between the snow and the other objects becomes even stronger. This means that there will be a lot of different ways for you to achieve scary results.


Although the majority of the people avoid using HDR, it could really help, especially in case of black and white winter photos. This is because it improves the quality, but it doesn’t bring the well-known artificial HDR colors. HDR can emphasize the texture of snow.


For sure you have heard about the golden hour before. Just think about the blue hues of snow and the golden hues of the light and you can already imagine the magical effects that can be created. Another advantage is that if you get up early, the snow will still be untouched.

While these tips may or may not work for you, you have to make sure that you will come up with your own style for the cold season to make the best of it. Don’t put off taking photos for too long because you can never know when winter will end.

photo credit: (http://digital-photography-school.com)


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