A lot of photographers are inclined towards portraits or portrait photography. While some prefer clicking natural portraits outdoors, some prefer the idea of indoor portrait photography. But this kind of photography can be tricky and must be handled carefully. Whether it is lighting, the lenses, the camera or the subject, there are many things to keep in mind during indoor portrait photography. The following are some of the most effective tips for excellent indoor portrait photography:

indoor portrait photographyUse Window Light

In the case of indoor portrait photography, one must make the most of the natural light coming inside from the windows. Make sure you use the window light to the maximum advantage as it will give much better results than the flash lit shots.

Use a Little Reflection

For filling in shadows on the faces of people, make sure that you use reflectors. Reflectors are indispensable for any kind of indoor photography and must be positioned on the opposite side of the subject to the window. The reflector must be placed at a slightly lower level or height as compared to the subject.

Wide Aperture

Another amazing tip to click excellent portrait shots indoors is to use a wide aperture. This aperture setting will help you to give a shallow depth of field and will also let you make the most of the lower light levels.

Use Higher ISO Setting

Another superb tip to click awesome indoor portrait pictures is to use a higher ISO setting. This will allow you to obtain a good shutter speed in low light indoor conditions. It will also help you to avoid camera shake.

Use a Prime Lens

If you have access, use a prime lens for shooting portraits within the four walls of your indoor space or studio. This will help you to obtain a more effective focal length which is a good condition to click indoor shots.

Go Monochromatic

Portraits turn out to be amazing when you go on the black and white mode and this is especially true if you are shooting indoors. Going monochromatic can uplift your shots, give them a greater depth and look brilliant for gritty character portraits as well.

Focus on the Eyes

Portrait photography has a lot to do with the eyes of the subject and this is true for indoor portrait shots as well. Always focus on the eyes of the subject and as this can help improve the composition as well.

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