Light plays an integral part in capturing a good photograph. It helps to give a bright look at your image. However, over-exposure of light can destroy it too. So as a photographer, you should know about the ways for creating a perfect view setting.

In photography, whether you are filming indoor or outdoor, white balance, light, and exposure are the three main sections that will help you click a picture like a professional. Although there are many cameras available in the market which have auto-flash option to capture in dark environment, it, however, hampers the quality of the image. So it is always preferable to shoot images with bright sunlight both indoor and outdoor. But all days will not be same.

So if you have to shoot images on a gloomy day, then you require artificial lighting to brighten up the environment and help you get perfect images.

Tips & Tricks for Artificial Lightning during Gloomy Days

How to use artificial lighting for indoor photography?

Hand-held lights:

If you are shooting an indoor image in a room that has not sufficient amount of natural light, then you can always opt for Hand-held light to brighten up the surrounding. These are a powerful light that can illuminate the room and help you click a perfect image. For this light to be used, you will require a person to hold it approximately 3 feet away from your main object. It should be held above the level of your camera lens, and the angle should be slightly down. If it is too close to your subject, then it can reflect powerful light, which is not good for your image. In another way, you can reflect this artificial light by pointing towards the wall or ceiling so that a soothing light bounces on the main object.

Free-standing main lights:

If you are clicking the image in a vast hallway or a palace room, free-standing main lights can be beneficial to illuminate the place. These lights produce a strong flood of lights so as to illuminate the entire place and not just the subject. You can use some main lights to adjust the level of light spreading from wide to narrow or spot position. The barn doors (metal flaps) attached to them will help you in controlling the direction of light. But be extremely cautious while handling these lights. The metal flaps tend to become hot, and you can burn your hand in this process.

How to use artificial lighting for outdoor images?

On a gloomy day shooting on the streets can become hassle-free with the help of artificial lights. A gloomy day will produce less amount of shadow as compared to a bright sunny day. You can even make your subject wear bright colored clothes to make the image more visible. But if all this is still failing to give a perfect shot, then opt for artificial lighting. On the street, you can find numerous artificial source of light like lamp posts, car headlight, cigarette lighter, smartphones, or tablets. You will just need to use these resources properly and click the perfect image.

Besides setting up the perfect light exposure and white balance also plays an important role in any good photograph. Nowadays, every camera has an inbuilt automated exposure system (the iris of the camera) that adjusts itself to surrounding light and shoots the image. If there is not enough light, the iris opens up to click a bright, and if there is plenty of light, it will shut down automatically. You can even try to use the manual iris in case your image demands so. White balance, on the other hand, helps to adjust the color temperature of the source of light. If this is not adjusted properly, you may end up having an image with a blue or orange tinge. So it is the white balance that helps to maintain the real color of the subject and surrounding.

How can artificial lights brighten up your gloomy room?

Besides, aiding in getting perfect images, artificial lights are also beneficial to brighten up your room. It can serve as a great room decoration accessory and give an entirely new look to your house. Lighten up your room with higher lumen lamps and place mirrors as well. Mirrors will help in creating reflection and illuminate the surrounding. You can even opt for fake LED windows that will brighten up the room like natural sunlight. Even colors play an important part in lighting up your room. Using all white color for brightening the room is a misconception, instead, use contrast colors and textures. Lastly, you can use lightweight chandeliers, string LED lights, or fix small LED lamps on your false ceiling. All of these will give your room an entirely new look.

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