Thanksgiving is the time when the family gets together around the table, a time filled with funny, cute or memorable moments that deserve to be photographed. This is why many amateur photographs are looking for tips to shoot Thanksgiving moments like a pro.

Camera  settings

These holiday shots are usually focused on people around the table and capturing the feeling of the moment is a must. Things mostly happen in a low light but you must avoid using the flash. You will need a fast lens and an as wide as possible aperture. Such an aperture will reduce the field depth and in order to get the optimal exposure you should choose a low shutter speed. This will allow you to capture the spirit of the moment. An ISO 400 setting is the ideal choice for photographing in low light.

Tips to Take The Best Thanksgiving Photos

Best gear

In order not to ruin the holyday air keep the shooting gear to the minimum. Consider a fast wide angle lens for family shots and a tripod to capture the shots you want to be in. Use an off camera flash to help you underline the shapes of the people without making them close their eyes because of a front face flash.

Make a plan

Nobody will blame you if you go scouting the premises before the holiday. Observe the way light comes from the windows to have an idea in what light will you take the shots. Take a few trial shots and check if you have the right exposure. Prepare a set of extra batteries and a spare memory card to avoid unexpected accidents.

Focusing on the details

Capturing the steaming turkey as it is brought to the table is part of the Thanksgiving photography challenge. You can focus on spectacular table settings, beautiful centerpieces and wreaths but also sparkling wine glasses. Seasonal elements must appear in the frame.

The best tool for this purpose is a high quality zooming lens that will offer you the necessary flexibility cu capture the best looking details.

Family group photos and candid shots

It is mandatory to take at least one photo with all the family. Consider the width and the height of your photo frame and position the family accordingly. Make the best of what appears on the table and use the turkey as a centerpiece. Try to capture the family in natural light and avoid overcrowding the picture.

For candid shots keep the zoom lens on and use a wide aperture. Focus on capturing laughter, children enjoying the moment and the moment the turkey is carved. These photographs look best if you take them without warning the persons in them to capture better the holyday spirit.


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