outdoor portraitsThink outside the box and be experimental when you shoot your photography, particularly outdoor photography, where there is constant movement and multi-colored backgrounds.

You will be surprised at the sheer beauty your pictures will portray.

After all, that’s what distinguishes a professional photographer and an amateur. So if you are a beginner, know all the tricks in the bag and your work will not sell you out.

Play around with the background. Come on you are outdoor, there is so much you can take advantage of. A very bright and colorful background will amazingly highlight your subject.

Take advantage of the blue pond or a field of bright yellow sunflowers. Preferably choose a background that has a single and consistent color.

Too many colors at once will distort the whole, ’stand out’ concept. It generally creates discord so don’t get too carried away.

The main idea of a portrait is that the person is supposed to be the main point of focus, so you can keep your background as simple as possible.

To add more color to the picture, take your photo using wide angle lens. It can enhance the person’s features and will have a dramatic impact for an otherwise simple background.

The angle to which you hold your camera is also important to a different and unique portrait.

Who said the only way you can hold your camera when taking pictures is horizontal and vertical? Come on, think outside the box and be creative man! Which other angle can you use to take your picture? A diagonal angle of course. Not just slightly diagonal but go all the way.

There is some pizzazz and liveliness that is produced in your photo, just what an outdoor picture needs. You can’t expect to produce great photos if they are boring and consistent!

You need to have good light. Too much sun will obstruct your subject and too little will just darken the whole picture.

So make sure you control the light. On that same note, one should be careful about the location at which you are shooting. It must not throw too much shade and should not leave you facing direct sunlight.

There is so much else you can do to take great outdoor portraits. Experiment and you will be shocked what you come up with. Just make sure you have fun while you are doing it. That’s the whole idea.



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