professional photographerWhen you want to prove yourself a professional photographer, you have to know the distinguishing line or factor between a non professional and a professional.

Then you have to know how to jump over that line to the other side. It’s simple really. It just depends on your height of passion and enthusiasm.

The way you hold your camera says a lot of things. If you hold it like you are following some instructions from a book that you memorized then you are not on the right track.

Hold your camera like you own it and you are great partners working together for perfect results.

As a professional, you should be able to distinguish which lighting [Photography lighting] is best for a specific scenario. For example the lighting that you use outdoors should be different from the lighting that you are going to use when you are indoors.

You should also be able to control or play around with your lighting on your digital camera to produce a more professional looking photograph.

Your subject also determines the output of your photograph. So work together. Direct her and tell her what to do. When you see other professional photographers, particularly fashion photographers, they control their subjects.

You do not allow them to do what they want. You are the one that knows what will bring about a more wow effect rather than a dull one. Your subject happens to be a major determinant to your work.

Remember that photography is an art. You have to take care in choosing the right lens, right expressions, the right spot, even the right time.

The lens that you are going to use for wedding photos should be different from the lens that you are going to use for outdoor photography. To get the best from each situation, you have to differentiate the two scenarios.

A professional photographer is not afraid to experiment. The key to great and unique pictures is to experiment. You do not have to do everything by the book.

If you go to five different professionals they will each have different theories to ideal photography. This is because they experimented and came up with their respective results.

Have a personal touch to your pictures. Have you ever looked at a set of photographs and you immediately know this is the work of  Mr. A. Therefore your professional photos should spell out your name.

And also know that professional photography is more than just a hobby.  Your time and energy is concentrated in the profession.



  1. This is a great article about how to become a Professional Photograph.Those tips really gives me important information and can help a lot. thanks.

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