A challenging role for any photographer, poor lighting conditions like cloudy skies and dark shadows can create an excellent atmosphere for moody shots.

Many photographers pile on the accessories when they face conditions with bad lighting, as they think that poor lighting will not yield good images.

This is true to some extent, but bad lighting can actually enhance your shots.

Photography is the art of capturing light on the lens, but poor lighting can also yield interesting images.

Dull light or clouded stormy skies provide a tantalizing atmosphere begging to be captured by a camera. Rather than worrying about the poor light, use it to your advantage to capture awesome atmospheric shots for your album.

How to take low light pictures?

Aperture: If you set your camera with a larger aperture, then you stand more of a chance to get good low light pictures. If you select a larger aperture, shutter speed should be increased automatically.

With a faster shutter speed, you can click better low light pictures. The most common aperture for low light pictures is f1.8.

ISO settings: ISO is referred as the light sensitivity in your digital cameras. An increase in ISO setting can add lighting to a picture frame and improve the appearance of your picture. The higher the ISO setting, the greater the lighting in the picture frame.

As the ISO is set in a high range, the light sensitivity also increases the camera light sensors. ISO should be set in a lower range when clicking photographs in normal conditions; higher ISO range is only prescribed when clicking images in low light or poor lighting conditions. The ISO in the camera also increases the noise in the pictures.

Flash: This is a temporary change but can prove a very good idea when clicking a particular object. If the focal point of the picture is close, a flash can improve lighting conditions. If you have chosen a vast focal point such as sky or a natural landscape, a flash will not satisfy your need.

Background: Choosing a perfect background will improve the format or composition of your picture. When shooting in low light conditions, choosing a good background can improve the possibility of bright pictures.

For example, if you are clicking image of a road in a cloudy sky, choose the sky as the background and try to depict the road and the sky meeting, as it covers both sky and land.

The best way to get success in low light picture is: experiment with different settings in the camera and click numerous photographs to give you different angles.


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