Use manual focus

If you’re shooting in low light are or very close to the subject it’s a good idea to use the manual focus as the camera might find it difficult focusing in the auto mode.

Pan for motion

If you pan the camera slowly from side to side you can create motion in the subject and come up with some great images. Take the time to practice the technique until you master it.

Showing action

You can set the camera’s shutter speed to show the subject in motion if you slow the speed down. However, if you want a crisp and clear shot of the subject with no motion blur, then use a fast shutter speed.

High ISO instead of flash

When you’re shooting in low light conditions you can increase the ISO setting on the camera and create some dramatic images by shooting without using the flash.

Be creative

Try and use your imagination when taking a shot of a famous site. For instance, making a shot of Buckingham Palace or Niagara Falls unique and different will be a lot more interesting that the same old scene we’ve seen a million times before.

Using reflection

Placing reflective surfaces such as mirrors, water, glass, and polished surfaces, around the subject can make for an interesting shot with a whole new look to it.


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