zoo photographyZoo is a very good location for apprentice photographers to learn different techniques in photography.

Zoo gives you a range of subjects (from animals to people who are observing the animals) and makes you learn the different techniques with some challenging work.

This article helps you in learning about different things and tips which are necessary for clicking great zoo pictures.

Things to remember while clicking images in zoo:

What is the distance? This is very important point to remember while clicking any image. Is the distance too long that you cannot get the right shot of the subject you are shooting? The distance between you and your subject should be in a respective position.

Lighting: You can have adequate amount of natural lighting to add light to the pictures. But look out for foliage, which acts as obstacle for natural lighting. Have your own artificial lighting setups if natural lighting is not supporting.

Fencing and cages: Zoo is full of fences and animals are stored in cages. These can be obstacles for natural photo of the animal. Make sure that the fences are not shown if you are shooting for a natural look.



  1. What about respect the animals? Don’t tap on the glass just so that they’ll stare at you, don’t take pictures of them doing private things like pooping, eating, sleeping.

    People are such idiots at the zoo, I think there should be a sign telling people that it’s the animal’s home not yours, so remember you’re only a guest and do as you would want others to do when they are guests in your house.

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