Live dance performances may seem extremely good to look at but are highly difficult to photograph. The constant movements can create a problem in getting stable shots and in addition, if the event is held in dim lights, then getting a good shot can prove to be next to impossible.

Thus while capturing live dance performances, it is important to have both technique and equipment to master this art. The following are some of the tips and suggestions for photographing live dance performances.

tips for photographing live dance performances

Use Wide Aperture and High ISO

The first and most basic requirement for clicking live dance performances it to use a wide aperture and high ISO setting.  Since in theatre performances, the backgrounds are dark, you will need to set the camera on manual exposure rather than automatic to control the settings on your own. You can set the aperture to somewhere around f2.8 and ISO between 800-1600.

Get a Good Seat

You won’t be able to get good photographs of live dance performances if you get a seat behind a crowd. In order to get the best shots, it is important to arrive early and sit in the front to get the full view and for uninterrupted photo session.

Use a Tripod Stand

The main purpose of a tripod stand is to avoid any blurring or camera shake. When the aperture is high and shutter speed is fast, then even no camera shake can result in a blur but this can be avoided by using a tripod stand. Set it at the right height and angle as the performance starts and make sure it is fixed properly.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Since so much is going on in a live dance performance, you may want to shoot a lot of different things but it is a good idea to stick to one moment or scene at a time. This will let you focus properly and get a one good shot.

Try to Bring in a Lot of Colour

Make sure the live dance performance shot includes a lot of different colours for it to turn out great. Dances are also about liveliness and movement. Colours can help you achieve a bright shot and may make for a good picture. Also, make sure you shoot in such a way that a feeling of movement is included. An intentional blur is not a bad option for this kind of photography.

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