If you find yourself trying to take a photo in a situation where there isn’t enough light to take it, you can use a flash to boost the light long enough to take the photo.

You can also use a flash on a bright and sunny day to help fill in shadows. This photography technique is known as fill flash.
A flash is basically an instant burst of light which is designed to illuminate the subject of your photograph.

A flash is produced by electronic device that is simply called a flash unit or flash. Most new digital cameras come with a built-in flash. However, on some old cameras, photographers often had to attach the flash device to the top of their cameras.

You can also get a hand held battery-powered flash unit and these can usually be operated remotely by using a sync cable. However, be aware that a regular flash will only generate enough light for a certain area, for example 10 or 15 feet.

So if you’re taking a photo of something that’s further away than this distance, the flash is basically useless to you. There are some weaker and stronger flashes available though, and if you use a flash meter it will let you know how far of an area your flash is good for.

In studio photography, flashes are typically strobes or big stand alone units. These can also be triggered by special battery packs and can be synchronized with your camera radio transmitters or cables. There are a variety of flashes on the market and they generally start at about $50.

Photo Credit: Capt Kodak


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