Twilight is a combination of light and dark that can be seen at evening times when the sun sets and at dawn when the sun is rising. This laps of light and dark is a very beautiful scene for the one who loves sunsets and sunrises.

Many photographers feel that the sunrises and sunsets are boring and want to add some energy and variety to the photography. So, twilight photography is a very interesting aspect where you can shoot the combination of day and night at once.

Twilight Images

Tips to shoot twilight images:

Normally the sky after the sunset will be in reddish orange color and the trees and landscapes turns into dark silhouettes. This is a variety in shooting the silhouettes in different background. Don’t get confused and think twilight photography as night photography. Twilight photography is clicking images after the sunsets and the night photography is clicking images after the dark expands over the sky.



  1. I love Twilight! I hardly wait for Twilight Eclipse! I’m so infatuated with taylor, lol.
    I still think that the first film was better, but New Moon def. wins in eye candy lol

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