Photography is all about perception. What define a photograph is how the photographer and the audience view it and what meaning they grab from it. While most of the photography is contextual in nature revolving around a particular setting or theme, abstract photography destroys all such barriers and lets the onlooker to entirely define the photograph.

Abstract photography treads beyond the normal understanding of photography and, in a way, puts to test the imagination of the onlooker—and this is not easy! In order to successfully obtain an abstract photograph, there are certain basics to be kept in mind, especially by beginners.

Five tips on abstract photography for beginners

Here are five tips on abstract photography for beginners:

  1. Watch out for Curves and Lines

Curves and lines are important to lay the foundation of your photography since they are responsible for instilling interest in the onlooker. In absence of these designs, it will become difficult to perceive anything certain and may end up causing the onlooker to come up with the most random understanding of the picture.

The thumb rule of abstract photography is to drawattention of the onlooker onto the details of the picture!

  1. Shoot through an object

An important rule of abstract photography is to be aware of the surroundings; the more you are aware, the better you would use the objects in the shoot.

Abstract photographers often resort to objects and use them as filters for the shoot. For instance, shooting through a broken window or a glass bottle might provide you with the right kind of effect or light necessary for creating an intriguing abstract picture.

  1. Seek out Patterns and textures

Among the many purposes of abstract photography, one of them is to create a space for incessant imagination, but the imagination must be guided and textures and patterns can be agreathelp.

While creating an abstract image, keep in mind that you will have to stress on certain patterns and textures to help the onlooker in making a reasonable sense out of it. It is, therefore, important that you make use of necessary patterns and textures to give meaning.

  1. Give Off Camera Flash a try

Light is essential to photography and so is its regulation. During the shoot, you may want to emphasize certain parts of the subject while leaving the light effect out from other parts. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of off camera flash.

Off Camera Flash can be of great assistance in the manipulation of the direction and strength of light. All you need to do is to experiment with all possible angles you can think of!

  1. Experiment

An indispensable rule of abstract photography is to open yourself to experimentation. It is important that you think out-of-the-box and for that to accomplish, you will have to experiment as much as possible—use extreme angles, extreme light or shoot out of focus.

An advantage of experimentation is that you learn the parameters of your control over the camera, the surroundings, and the theme. Once you have obtained complete control over the essentials of abstract photography, you are a master!

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