Are you someone who dreads to get their photos clicked due to the fear of looking fat? Well, you are definitely not the only one. Most of us avoid getting photographed as we may appear healthier than we are. But there are many ways to position your body and other tricks to follow which infact can make you appear slimmer in photos.  If that sounds interesting to you then the following given list of 6 tips and tricks to look slim will definitely help.

tips to look slim in photos

1. Avoid a Low Angle

For a flattering photo in which you look leaner and slimmer, avoid a low angle of the camera and ask the photographer to position the camera a little above your eye line. Clicking from a low angle can take away the length or height appearance and this may make you appear fat or healthier.

2. Put your Hand on your Hip

If you have seen models doing this all the time and you wonder why is it that they put their hands on the hips when getting clicked then well, the answer is to look slimmer.  What this pose does is that it slenderized your arm and creates a better camera composition. Try this the next time you get yourself clicked and notice the difference.

3. Sit up or Stand Up Straight

It is very important to pay attention to your posture when getting clicked. Slouched posture both while standing up or sitting down can make you appear fat. Thus always make sure that you stand up or sit up straight. Both your spine and shoulders must be erect to create a slimmer appearance.

4. Avoid Wearing Bulky Clothing

This one is kind of easy and obvious. The bulkier the clothing you are wearing, the healthier will you appear in a photograph. Make sure that you choose to take that coat or blazer off and wear thinner clothes if you know that you will be clicked that day. Fabrics like silk can make you appear thinner.

5. Twist your Body to Side

Another way to look thinner in photos is to slightly twist your body to a side posture.

6. Wear Dark Colors

Colors like black and brown do make you appear thinner and work well in photos as well. Thus try to wear darker color outfits on the days when you know that you will be clicked.

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