No matter what kind of animals you have in mind, you might need tips for taking pictures of wild animals. Once you master the basics you will be able to use them for both wild animals and pets. The essence is the same, only the subjects change.

Best Tips for Taking Pictures of Wild Animals



No matter what kind of animals you are working with, the most important thing that you have to think about is safety: your safety and the safety of the animal. Keep in mind that sounds and flashes can scare animals and in this case they could become dangerous.

As tricks for wild animals pictures you should know that if you get too close to the animal, you can scare it and then it might become dangerous. Some of the animals abandon their offspring and homes if you bother them. There are wild animals protected by the law as well.


Unless you are doing an expansive portrait, the tips of taking pictures of wild animals also include filling the frame. This is important because numerous animas are smaller than people. In order to see the details of the animal, it needs to be large in the frame.

Human portrait

One of the best tricks that you may use is to treat these photos as human portraits. In this case the saying ‘animals are humans as well’ is extremely true. When it comes to composition and light you should consider the rules of human photography.

You should think about shadow locations, body position, and composition in the frame. Make sure that there is always some room in front of the animal’s face so it won’t feel boxed.


When it comes to the wild animal picture ideas it is good to know that the eyes are where humans make the connection with other creatures. The eyes convey intelligence and emotion. This is why it is important to have the eyes of the animal in focus. It is best to have the eyes at an intersection point according to the rule of thirds.

Although there are a lot of tips taking pictures of wild animals that you could think about, the most important fact remains: you should never forget the tips regarding safety.


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