Most people don’t take photos of houses unless it’s a special occasion, the house is truly remarkable to look at, or they’re trying to sell it.

If you need to photograph the exterior of a home, there are several things to keep in mind to make it look exceptional, especially when trying to sell it.

Clean it up

Make sure you tidy up the area in the image, such as mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, clearing up garbage, etc.

Shoot on an angle

you should take the photos of the house on an angle instead of straight on. This will give the house more character, interest, and dimension. It also allows you to get different backgrounds in the photos.

Weather and lighting

Make sure the house stands out in the photo and doesn’t blend in with the background. Sometimes a cloudy day will allow the house to look more prominent. You don’t want to have to deal with harsh shadows.

Balance the Light

You need to balance the light if you want the house to look inviting and cosy. Try and balance the light outside with the light from the windows. To do this, you really need to shoot at the right time of day.

A good time to take the photos is when the sun is setting as the lights from the window will stand out and create an interesting contrast.

Raw setting

Balancing the light from outside and the windows can be hard, so it’s a good idea to use the RAW setting on the camera. This will let you adjust the balance and lighting and emphasize the home’s warmth.


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