One of the most popular and oldest types of photography throughout the world is portrait photography. You can take portraits outdoors, but most people prefer to shoot them indoors or in a studio.

While portraits aren’t really considered to be overly artistic because they just feature head shots or upper body photos, they are often ideal for family keepsakes. If the subject becomes famous, they can also turn out to be historical shots.

But you can use some creativity by showing some artistic insight into the subject’s character or personality in the photo.

You can do this by the type of lighting you use as well as how you set up and what you feature in the background. It’s always a wise idea to feature the best side and angle of the subject to show their best features as well as emphasize their strengths.

When taking portrait photography, you should try to make the person feel at ease and also ask for their ideas and input. Make sure you have enough lighting for the photo and eliminate any obstructions and reflections.

Not every portrait photo needs to look like it was taken decades ago or look like a police mug shot. Use your imagination and be a little adventurous or creative. Many photographers and subjects prefer them in black and white as they are often more effective than in color.

Photo Credit: chris mclaughlinlphotgraphy


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