The majority of women just hate having their photo taken. This is because in the majority of the cases the photos aren’t the best ones and so women develop a certain reluctance when they have to pose. In order to make sure that you will be successful in taking shots, there are some tips that you could use.

ReassuPhotographing Women the Right Wayrance

When you, as a photographer, talk to the subject of the photos for the first time, you should assure her that you are a professional. This means that she will have her photo taken in a way that she never had before and she can be sure that she will just love the results.

Ask the right question

If you take a shot and she says that she doesn’t like it, you should ask what she doesn’t like about the photo. This way you will find out about the body parts that she doesn’t like. Also ask her what parts of her body she likes and try to focus on those.

Keep talking

When you start shooting most probably she will feel weird or uncomfortable. In order to soothe her, you should keep talking to her as you go on shooting. Also ask whether she has a good side. It is important to make her laugh because women look their best when they are smiling.


It is almost impossible to think about taking pictures of a woman and not editing the photos. If there are bumps you should try to sunk them in but don’t remove them entirely because the results will seem unnatural. It’s not a must to tell women about this because the results of the photos will make them feel better about themselves.

Low shots

One of the most important aspects to remember is that low shots are seldom advantageous for women. Low shots make women look quite unattractive and as a result you should try to avoid situations of this kind. This is something that it is avoided even among friends.

Shooting from above

A picture of this kind is usually advantageous for the majority of the women, especially the fuller ones. However, you should also know that the majority of people already know about the trick so you shouldn’t overdo it because you will only emphasize the fact that she is large.

Keep these tips in mind to make the best of photo sessions with women.


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