Star trails are those phenomenons that are created due to earth’s rotation and can be caught on a camera through a long exposure shot. As the planet earth rotates around the moon and revolves around the sun, the fixed stars in the sky appear to have left a trail in the camera when a photographer clicks a long exposure photograph. If you wish to capture some beautiful star trails, then you can follow the given 7 tips:

tips for photographing star trails1. Longer Focal Length

The longer will be the focal length, the longer will be the trail so make it a point to use a wide angle lens if you want really good trails but this can take a few minutes whereas you can also use a telephoto lens which will leave the trail in seconds but will be difficult as far as composition is concerned.

2. The Area of the Sky Matters

The closer you are to the celestial poles, the better will be your star trail shot so make sure you are as close to these as possible.

3. Get Multiple Photos

There are two ways to get a star trail: one is to get a single shot with a very long exposure and the other is to get many shorter exposures combined together. Th second method is recommended and much safer because if something happens, you might end up losing your only shot in case one.

4.Get a Good Composition

It is true that star trails are beautiful on their own but it is important to get some part of the foreground in order to make the shot even more interesting. You can capture any still object in the foreground for that extra bit of something.

5. Get a Solid Stand

For such long exposure shots, you need the best quality and solid tripod stand which does not shake due to the wind or any other such factors.

6. In Camera Noise Reduction

To avoid gaps in trails, turn off the in camera noise reduction in the case of taking several shots but when taking one shot, put it on but this will take twice the time.

7. Minimize the Gaps

In order to minimize the gaps, make sure that you use the shortest possible interval in between the photos if you are taking several exposures. This will help create a magical shot with no gaps in between the beautiful trails.

Photo Credit By: photosbykev

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