If you are looking for tips for moonlight photography, most probably you already know that the moon is one of the best reflectors out there and you can use it to create breathtaking landscape shots during the night. There are some tips that will ensure that you get things right.

Tips for Moonlight Photography

Manual Exposure

In this case you will need to control exposure and this is why it is best to choose manual mode. The aperture should be of around f/8. If you need more light, you can open it wider. The truth is that in this case you will need a few test shots to see which ones work the best for you.

Bulb Setting

It is possible that you will need a shutter speed larger than 30 seconds regarding the ideas for moonlight photography and in this case you need to use the bulb mode. In order to control the camera you will have to manually close and open the shutter.

The Location

When it comes to the tips for moonlight photography it is important to find your location in the daytime and to search the grounds while there is still light so you won’t have to go around stumbling. Finding the right location will take some experience to have an idea how the place will look in the moonlight.

Shoot RAW

The moonlight photography ideas tell you to shoot RAW because this way you will have the widest dynamic range. The RAW images come with more tonal information so you will have more details to work with when editing the photos.

Light Painting

As one of the tips for moonlight photography you can use light painting to have rich details. For instance, you could have the moon behind a tree. Use a light torch to paint the tree evenly with light for 15 seconds. This way you will have more than just the silhouette of the tree.

Alternative Compositions

We all know that the moon also has an aura and to capture this you should use wide aperture lens as a piece of advice for moonlight photography. Choose an angle in which the subject of your photo and the moon are in line.

Don’t forget about the tips for moonlight photography that moonlight photography might be easier and more interesting than you ever thought in the moment when you get the hang of it.

Photo Credit: (http://www.digitalcameraworld.com)


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